Land Surveying

Hire A Professional Land Surveying Company For All Your Surveying Needs

Our Surveying Team Offers Accurate Survey Results

Aerial Land Surveying can meet your site surveying needs in New York by delivering accurate results on time and within budget. Our commercial and residential land surveying professionals in New York have extensive experience with various survey types by meeting state and local authority standards.

Our licensed surveyor has the expertise and knowledge to ensure the job is done correctly, whether you need construction staking for a development project or a simple boundary survey.

We are among the leading commercial and residential land surveying firms in New York. Aerial Land Surveying has adopted data collection and site surveying techniques that align with the growing demands of real estate professionals.

Our main specialties include

  • Title Survey
  • Municipal Survey
  • Boundary Survey
  • Topographic Survey
  • Road & Transmission Line Route Survey
  • Construction Survey

Our experienced and well-trained commercial land surveying team uses the most up-to-date survey equipment and technology to provide the industry’s most accurate and timely surveys. We take pride in responding quickly to our client’s needs.

Why Is A Property Survey Necessary For Homebuyers?

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